Union Station Dolphins

Posted on Fri, Jul 17, 2020:

Swim for the Missionary Society Gospel 5-K

*    The Union Station Dolphins are a team registered for the Missionary Society Gospel 5-K.  The only catch is that the Dolphins are not running the 5-K, they are swimming the 5-K. Pastor Michael is leading the charge (the strokes) for this fund-raising opportunity.  If you would like to support his efforts by making a pledge of $20 or perhaps take part in the event, go to:



If you would like to take part in the swim, you do not have to complete the 5-K all at one time. You can space your swim strokes over the week of July 26 – Aug 1. Pastor Michael will space his strokes over 3-days, July 27,29, &31 at the Long Center Pool, Clearwater, Florida.

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